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What is Betsify me?

Have you ever played a game? We too! Let's have fun customizing Betsys together. There are only 10,000 to play around with!

Betsify me is a collection of PFP digital collectibles. Unlike other projects, with betsify me you are in control. Customize your Betsy the way you want. Will you get the rarest accessories?

Betsify me offers more than just customization - it opens the door to infinite possibilities and ongoing engaging experiences for the Betsy holders

Yo, let's go!
Betsy Avatar

How to use Betisfy me?

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Log in to your WAX wallet. Don't have one yet? No problem - create one at the provided link and come back here.

Step 2: Select a Betsy

Select the Betsy you want to customize. Don't own a Betsy yet? Get a starter pack!

Step 3: Customize your Betsy

Get creative! Use the accessories you've collected to give your Betsy a fresh new look. Click on each accessory to see how it looks on your Betsy, and when you're happy with your creation, hit "apply changes" to make it official.

Step 4: Set your profile picture

Do we really need to explain? Your profile picture will appear in full glory on NeftyBlocks and other platforms.

Bla-bla, I'm in!

What is next?

Collect more accessories

Each Betsy avatar has 7 different item slots where you can equip accessories. And with more accessories being released over time, you can keep updating and improving your avatar. Get creative and have fun!

Make your Betsy an Eternal Betsy

Make your unique combination of accessories permanent by "locking" them. When you do this, a one-of-one version of your Betsy is minted to your wallet. No one can lock a Betsy with the same accessory combination.

Bridge your Betsy

Free yourself! Move your Eternal Betsy to other blockchains. Ethereum will be first, others will come. Let's take over the world of PFPs! Stay tuned for all the amazing things coming to your Betsy!

Betsify me now!

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